Icumsa 100 White sugar

Icumsa 45 White sugar
November 5, 2020
Castor oil
November 6, 2020

Icumsa 100 White sugar

Icumsa 100 White Sugar
We supply high quality Refined White Sugar 100
Icumsa with standard specifications
High nutritive value
Premium quality
Longer shelf life
Sweet taste


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    Specifications :
    Colour: MAX. 100 Icumsa
    Polarization: MIN. 99.8 %
    Moisture: MAX. 0.04 % by weight
    Conductivity Ash: MAX. 0.10% by weight
    Invert Sugar: MAX. 0.10 % by weight
    Average Size: 0.8 mm.
    Target: M.A. 0.5 ñ 1.00 mm.
    Sediments: MAX. 0.02% by weight
    Arsenic :MAX. 0.50mg/kg
    Lead :MAX. 0.50mg/kg
    Copper: MAX. 1.50mg/kg
    Pesticide: None
    Sulphur Doixide: None
    Pathogenic Bacteria: None
    Coli-form Bacteria: MAX. 10 CFU/10 GM
    E. Coli NONE
    Yeast & Mold: MAX. 10 CFU/10 GM
    Substance : Solid Crystal
    Origin: Nigeria
    Port: Apapa Lagos
    MOQ: per client requirements
    Price : Negotiable
    Shipment:Prompt .
    Payment: 20 to 30% initial payment.
    SBLC/LC/ Western Union.