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November 6, 2020


Leading Minerals Exporter in Nigeria

Ralosa Eben Nigeria Ltd. is a leading Minerals Exporter in Nigeria. Apart from Supplier of minerals we supply and export various products including Raw Cashew Nuts, Processed Cashew Nuts, Mellon seed, Garlic, Dry plantain, Dry Cocoa, Kola nuts, Bitter Kola, sesame seeds, etc. To know what we offer, do visit our “Products” tab

To see a fine mineral or crystal is to stare into a natural hub of magnificence. Nothing can beat the beauty and power of nature herself. Therefore, we tap into the world of minerals to be the best Supplier of Minerals.

For hundreds of years, clients all over the world have been using minerals like iron ore and charcoal for their metaphysical features and they are using different mineral stones in a variety of methods. However you select to enjoy your crystals, whether or not you believe in the energy they possess, or if you want to enjoy them for their beauty alone, Ralosa brings to you the best quality minerals.

We are a passion-driven, Nigeria-based Minerals Exporter and specializing in sourcing the best grade, ores, and fine minerals for interior designers and manufacturers throughout Nigeria and worldwide. We aim to provide maximum value to our clients in terms of transformation, delivery, cost, and quality

Professional Supplier of Minerals in Nigeria

We possess an experienced team of skilled professionals, who are experienced in sourcing Agro and mineral products. Our experience in procurement and sourcing of healthy agro and mineral products at competitive prices. Our team enables us to provide the best prices to our overseas buyers and that makes us the reliable Supplier of Minerals.

We are a registered company under the Companies and Allied Matters Act 1990 laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, with registration number; “RC 1627856”. As an exporter and Supplier of Minerals, we are also licensed with the Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC). We are a proud exporter, Foodstuff seller, and general merchandise supplier.

To maintain our rapport as a leading Minerals Exporter, we develop business relationships that spread a positive difference in our clients’ lives, by offering outstanding products and unparalleled service that deliver high value to our customers.