Fresh Tiger Nuts

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October 27, 2020
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October 27, 2020

Fresh Tiger Nuts

Tiger nuts is known for its high level of nutrients
required for a healthy life. Rich in fiber and protein,
RalosaEben Nigeria Limited is proud to be an
exporter of high-quality Tiger nuts from Nigeria to
other parts of the world. As a competent and
credible supplier of Tiger nuts, and like every
other commodity we trade-in, we conform strictly
to buyers’ specifications and ensure as much as
we are able to ship according to the buyer’s
timeline irrespective of quantity required.
If you are a buyer of Tiger nuts looking to a
reliable and consistent supplier, you are no doubt
in the right place. We have a high level of
credibility with our customers all over the world,
and we look forward to growing that list of
delighted customers by having you as
one of them.


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    Type: Tiger Nuts
    Color: Brown
    Size: 5-7 MM Average
    Dry, Vented, Clean: 97% Min
    Packaging: As required by clients
    Mineral mg/Kg. Mg: 1070 mg/Kg.
    Na: 206 mg/Kg. K: 7100 mg/Kg.P: 2557 mg/Kg.
    Ca: 179 mg/Kg.
    Fat :23.56 %
    Sugar: 21.23 %
    Fibres Diététiques: 24.13 %
    Protein: 26.54 %4.15 %
    Amidon 400 kcal /100 Protein
    Humidity : 4.77 %
    Origin: Nigeria
    Port: Apapa Lagos
    MOG: per client requirements
    Price : Negotiable
    Shipment: Prompt.
    Payment: 20 to 30% initial payment.
    SBLC/LC/ Western Union.
    Fresh Tiger Nuts