Dry Yam

Dry Plantain
October 27, 2020
October 27, 2020

Dry Yam

Yam (Dioscorea spp.) are important products in
many countries. They are the third most
consumed crops in the Sub-Saharan region,
especially in West Africa and are also largely
consumed in the South Americas, India, and
South-East Asia .Yams represented a guarantee
of food security for centuries, especially before
the introduction of crops such as corn and
maize, dried yam chips are produced through
peeling, slicing, blanching, steeping, and
sun-drying. Yam flakes are obtained with the
same process as yam chips, where the drying
process is faster due to the smaller size of the
Yam chips and flakes can be further milled into
flour, which can be reconstituted in boiling water
to form a thick paste, consumed for meals in
tropical areas as a source of carbohydrates.
We supply the product in high quality.


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    Type: Dry yam
    Moisture Content: 8.0% (dry matter basis)
    Crude Ash: 2.0 % (dry matter basis)
    Crude fiber 2.0 % (dry matter basis)
    Acid insoluble ash: 0.15 % (dry matter basis)
    Hydrocyanic acid content (Maximum) 2.0 (mg/kg)
    Energy: 352kcal
    Texture: Fine powder
    Odour: Free from abnormal odours
    Colour: Pale yellow
    Foreign matter: Free from foreign matter
    including any filth and live or dead insects.
    Origin: Nigeria
    Port: Apapa Lagos
    MOQ: per client requirements
    Price : Negotiable
    Shipment: Prompt.
    Payment: 20 to 30% initial payment.
    SBLC/LC/ Western Union.
    Dry Yam