Dry Plantain

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October 27, 2020
Dry Yam
October 27, 2020

Dry Plantain

Plantian, is a major group of banana varieties
(genus Musa) that are staple foods in many tropical
areas. The edible fruit of plantain bananas has more
starch than the common dessert banana and is not
eaten raw. Because plantains have the most starch
before they ripen, they are usually cooked green, either
boiled or fried, in savory dishes. The ripe fruits are mildly
sweet and are often cooked with coconut juice or sugar
as a flavouring. Plantains may also be dried for later
use in cooking or ground for use as a meal, which
can be further refined to a flour.


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    Type: Dry plantain Moisture: 3.14%
    Protein: 2.68% Ash:2.68%
    Fat: 0.334% Carbohydrate: 91.16%
    KJ of energy: 1603.09 Texture: Fine powder
    Odour: Free from abnormal odours
    Colour: Pale yellow
    Foreign matter: Free from foreign matter including any
    filth and live or dead insects.
    Origin: Nigeria
    Port: Apapa Lagos
    MOQ: per client requirement.
    Price: Negotiable
    Shipment: prompt
    Packaging: per client requirement.
    Payment: 20/30 % initial payment.
    SBLC/Irrevocable LC/Western Union.