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June 30, 2021
Agricultural Products

Agriculture plays a critical role in various aspects of our lives. Through every agricultural products supplier, it gives the foundation to survive through food provision to both humans and animals. Without agriculture, the odds of survival would be minimal livestock and people would die due to starvation. As a result, agriculture has received interest among several policymakers, ordinary people, and even researchers due to its contribution to humanity.


Any country that needs stabilization must give food to its citizens. Through various practices, agriculture is the major source through which nations can feed their people. Through livestock and crop production, we can get food that is rich in nutrients required by human bodies. Due to the Exporter of Agricultural products in Nigeria and Supplier of Minerals , people in Africa can live free from deficiency diseases.

Agriculture products are also an energy source. Trees or other plants are cut and they are used as firewood. Biofuels are among the latest discovery that is a wonderful source in giving us an excess source of energy.

Economic driver and poverty reduction:

In several areas across the globe; especially in the developing economies, agriculture is the major backbone of the economy. Among the main employment source, agriculture gives the highest percentage in these countries. Apart from direct farming, people also remain engaged in processing and other industries that are indirectly or directly related to agriculture.

Agriculture diminishes poverty by providing both sources of employment and food. In countries that are not developed, agricultural products are the biggest exports and it’s a primary foreign remittance earner in these countries and thus have huge importance


Agriculture contributes both to the preservation and destruction of the ecosystem. How the ecosystem gets destruction is impacted by the ongoing activities in the specific ecosystem. As the country’s population grows, more forests and land needs clearance to create space for farming or agricultural activities. Activities such as overgrazing and deforestation interfere with how plants survive.

For instance, pastures are made of several types of grass. At the point when we overgraze on real estate land, the animals feed on the eatable species giving up the non-edible species. Since different types of grasses seek similar supplements, the species can coincide in the biological system as long as no species has a favorable position over the other.

However, due to overgrazing, the non-consumable species have a preferred position over different species constraining them to vanish subsequently causing a total change in the makeup of the ecosystem.

Destroying the atmosphere:

Modern agriculture when includes high use of labor, capital inputs, and technologies such as using pesticides. Also, chemical fertilizers have enabled increased agricultural production. However, intensive agriculture is also a problem with increased environmental pollution. Erosion, water poisoning through agricultural chemicals, and the liberation of poisonous herbicides and pesticides fumes to the atmosphere destroy the atmosphere.

Last Word

Agriculture leads to the addition of greenhouse gases (GHG) in the atmosphere. These gases contribute to global warming and ozone layer depletion. If sustainable agriculture is not practiced, agricultural activities will continue to affect our atmosphere negatively.

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